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Finish Line

My proudest moment. Only took me the best part of 8 years. However I can now shout out and say I did it. “I totally nailed it” 59 days 19 hours 14 minutes.  Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge Race Record and I am now Fastest Female to row solo across the Atlantic, East to West in the Open Class.


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The wild life was mind blowing, Minke Whale, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Flying fish, Wilson’s Storm Petrel bird, the White-Tailed Tropic bird and The Young Sun Fish. The birds visited just about everyday, which was fab. Only when the weather was stormy they wouldn’t appear!!!




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3000 miles of water

Rowing the Atlantic was out of this world and very scary at times. The start of the race was fast, huge winds and swells. There was  little sleep and almost no time to eat. I was surviving on adrenalin and surfing waves the size of a two story building. I was out of my comfort zone but in my element. It was a game of coping with whatever Neptune threw at me and it threw everything at me. Two tropical storms, extreme heat, a jelly fish sting, no wind, winds from SE, NW, N, SW which were exhausting. I always new what I was letting myself in for and I also new I was going to achieve my goal, nothing was going to stop me. Having a strong mental attitude is always good and in this sport I would personally say its more mental than strength that gets you to the other side safely.



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Race Day 14th December 2016

Race day was amazing. The local school gave us amazing support and each class was supporting a country. We were set of in 5 minutes intervals and by 1pm I was on my way, phew, heading for the big ocean and Antigua. I didn’t feel nervous at all however the adrenalin was going at full speed. The weather was perfect and for the first time in years the race started on time.


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Memory Stones

So this idea was originally just for my Mum but since folks like the idea I am doing a crowd funder to help raise money needed for the campaign .

The stones will travel with me to middle of the Atlantic then I will film putting them in the water sinking to the bottom. The stones below are samples, designed and cut by Campbell + Hay Bridge of Allan, Scotland.

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February this year, 2016 I picked Jan up from Rannoch, Burnham on Crouch. She was just a hull and over the months I have fitted her out with the help from Chris at Mobile Yacht Services. So far this has been an extraordinary journey for me with the people I have met and continue to meet.

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